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Going Deeper - Loving Yourself and Your Body

filed in Finding Soul on Sep 4, 2009

It is my opinion that we all have an inner wisdom that guides us through our life.  An internal compass that tells us to turn right in the journey of life or left.    But, we must be connected to our body in order to hear the guidance.  

Self-love is an important ingredient in being connected to your body.   There is a formula for self-love.  It requires being fully present to yourself, your body and attending to yourself in a warm, open, non-judgemental manner – and allowing your heart to open.

Loving yourself and your body requires you to accept all the imperfections and embrace all of the physical or chronic pain or uncomfortablness that you may have at any point in time in your body. It requires you to accept your weight, your looks, your height or any aspect of your body that you don’t like.  That does not mean that you love your chronic pain or body imperfections, but you don’t hate them either.   Loving them and knowing that within the depths of your body lies the perfection of your soul. 

Feel free to change the things you do not like about your physical appearance.  But, know that it can only change with love.   And that you will only be able to stay connected to your body with self love.    

You never abandon yourself, despite the fact that you may have been abandoned by others.  You never give up on yourself, no matter  what your body looks or feels like.

The Buddha said, “Whatever we practice, we will become”.  So practice, practice, practice loving yourself and your body and become who you are meant to be.  

Michele Germain LCSW Relationship and Body Image Expert 



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