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Reading Your Own Body Posture

filed in Mind, Body Connection on Aug 14, 2009

Your body has a mind of its own and no matter how much you think or change your thinking your body will not change unless you are connected to your body and listen to what it is saying to you.

  Developing a relationship with your body seems easy and simple, and it is but very often we hide our uncomfortable feelings in the muscles of the body and they become fixed   This leads to a numbing out or chronic tension.  We do not feel any pleasure only tightness or physical pain.   The muscle patterns cause our body to take on a certain shape and prevent our vitality and movement.  So in order to change this you must start with awareness.

 Your bodies tone, color, posture, proportions, movements, tensions and vitality express the amount of energy and openness in your body. 

We all watch people when they move, walk or talk, but now you are going to watch yourself and observe what your body is doing.   Start to develop an awareness of each part of your own body.  As an example:

Do you have a drooping head, does your head hand down when you walk or talk to someone, does it stick out far in front of your shoulders or does it hand directly over your shoulders aligned with the rest of your body?

Are your shoulders pulled up close to your ears, or down and relaxed?   Are they turned inward toward your chest, caved in? Or, are they pulled back allowing your chest to be open and relaxed.

Is your breathing easy and deep, or shallow and tight, or do you start your inhale at your chest or in your belly? 

Are you able to move each part of your body easily with a range, or do you feel tight and rigid which prevents the body from moving freely?

Is your feet completely making contact with the ground, or are you leaning back on your heels when you stand and talk to someone?   As if your entire body is  pulling back and away?

If you recognize any of the above postures in your own body, try to move in a way that feels more aligned.   It will not feel natural at first, because you are use to living in your body in an incorrect manner. 

Awareness is the goal.   This is a important step in developing and reading your own body.  When you are connected to your body, you have more of yourself.  Your self-esteem and confidence will improve, and you will feel more of your own personal power.




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