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Finding Your Way Back To Your Body

filed in on Aug 6, 2009

Through my own personal journey as well as in my clinical practice, I have learned that you cannot heal or feel your joy by simply talking.  What I also see is that most people are not fully living in their body.  Not fully healing and not fully feeling their capacity for joy. So the work is to get to know your body agin ,where your feelings reside and where you feel the joy of your being. 

Think back when you were a child.  Do you remember your movements, flexibility and joy of being in your body when you use to jump rope, make sand castles at the beach, play baseball or basketball.   Well it is possible if you allow yourself to find your inner child. 

Usually it takes some type of crisis or major life event before one stops to notice that they have been hiding  from themselves and living completely disconnected from their bodies. Don’t wait until that type of event occurs.  Begin now to  find your way back.  Here are a few tips to consider as you get reacquainted with your body.

1.  Try doing some of the child like activities you remember, such as swinging on a swing or kicking a ball and feel your body as your move. 

2.  When walking or doing any exercise pay attention to your feet hitting the ground.   Feel your entire foot make contact with the earth.  Pay attention to your head, shoulders, arms, legs you walk, talk, sit or stand.   Are you aware of your total self, as you exercise or are you simply on automatic.

3.  When you talk in a general way or you  have a sensitive conversation with someone, pay attention to what you body is doing.  Are you  in you head talking from the neck up, or are you talking with you whole body?   

It is surprising that so many people do not realize how much time they spend in their minds, talking, and ignoring the rest of themselves.  

 Simply try the 3 tips above and see what occurs over a week.   Take mental notes or write down your observations.   AWARENESS IS THE GOAL.    


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